FEEDS Policy

During the Faculty Meeting of April 15, 2005, the following policy, regarding the
implementation of the Florida Engineering Education Delivery System (FEEDS) within
the OHL School of Construction, was adopted.
The purpose of this policy is to establish a set of uniform departmental standards for the
FEEDS component of the OHL School of Construction’s learning program.
The policy is intended to: 1) provide safeguards to protect the quality and the integrity of
the Construction Management curriculum; and, 2) assure uniformity and consistency of
the requirements for FEEDS throughout the faculty and the curriculum.
1. All MiamiDade
and Broward County FEEDS students must come on Campus
to take examinations with inclass
students at the same time as the inclass
examination is being given.
2. The Instructor has the right to require FEEDS students outside of MiamiDade
and Broward counties to come in for examinations as described in (1), above,
on a casebycase
basis, in consultation with the Chair.
3. All FEEDS examinations are to be given simultaneously, i.e., all offsite
FEEDS students must take examinations at the same time that they are being
given to the inclass
students. Logistics to be coordinated by FEEDS office.
4. All offsite
examinations must be given at a Florida Community College or
University or other accredited institution of higher learning outside the state of
Florida, as approved by the instructor and/or the Chair.
5. All offsite
examination proctors must be prequalified
by the FEEDS Office
and approved by the course instructor and/or the Chair.
Delivery of Lecture
6. The video of the inclass
lecture is to be delivered only by high speed internet
streaming video. Video cassettes or compact discs of the lecture will
henceforth not be delivered to FEEDS students via U. S. Mail or pickup.
Since inexpensive broadband service is available nationwide via cable, DSL,
LAN, or satellite (DirectWay from DirectTV), no exceptions will be made to
this policy, except as authorized by the Instructor and approved by the Chair.
The burden of proving that a particular area has absolutely no broadband
service using any of these means shall be on the prospective student.
Time of Exposure
7. The period of time that the FEEDS lecture will be available by streaming video
shall be for a period of 48 hours from the time that the lecture is posted on the
same day of delivery to the inclass
section, except for Monday and Tuesday
classes that meet twice a week; exposure time limit for these class lectures
will be 44 hours to make sure students view them before the next class
lectures on Wednesday and Thursday respectively. Downloading of FEEDS
lectures will not be available.
Caps on FEEDS Courses
8. The maximum number of students that will be allowed to register for a FEEDS
course shall be 15, subject to Instructor override and Chair approval.
9. Prospective FEEDS students are to be notified (constructive notice) of this
policy by its inclusion in: (a) the course syllabus and (b) the COE FEEDS web
site or by any other official means available to provide information to students
at large.
10. This policy will be enforced beginning Fall 2005 term. The faculty of
Construction Management can review, revise and/or modify this policy at any
time thereafter as needs arise. At least one semester will be allowed, however,
before enforcing revised policy.